Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twine and Lace Mason Jar Pencil Holder

This month, our project was to create something new out of mason jars.  So far, Jill has shown us Mason Jar Easter Treats and Barbara has shown us how to dye mason jars for a vintage feel. Today, I am going to show you a rustic glam pencil holder that I created for my new family room office space.

To start - gather your supplies.  I used wide mouth jars, because I didn't want the holder to taper at the top. I also used twine and hot glue to make it stick.

Then it's time to start wrapping. I found it easiest to start wrapping the twine at the bottom, as the top can be tricky with all the treads from the lid.  Add a drop of glue every so often, or wherever you feel you need to secure the twine.

Wrapping around the treads is the most difficult part, but I went around once and then went back to fill in any gaps left by the tread. Once the wrapping is done, it's time to start embellishing.  In addition to the lace, I used a couple of embellishments from the 5th & Frolic product line - some burlap leaves and feathers and a gold glitter ribbon tape (you know me, can't do a project without some glitter!).

I added a layer of lace and then a round of glitter ribbon tape - and I have to say, I was surprised at how well it stuck.  It actually had a really good hold.  

Lastly, I added one of the leaf and feather embellishments, doubly securing it with a dab of hot glue, since it will be handled a lot.  

And there you have it - another awesome project that you can complete using a lowly jar.  Check back next Tuesday to see what Meredith whips up using her jar!


  1. Ok- I am a sucker for twine..and so I LOVE this!

  2. I love the turquoise coloured feather!


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