So you've heard that we want to feature you, but understand that we can't feature every post from every blogger.  So what exactly are we looking for?  Here are a few things we love to see in posts we feature:

  • in season (or upcoming season) projects.  Remember that the blogging calendar is slightly more accelerated then the regular calendar - you may have thrown the best Valentine's Day party ever, but if you submit it on February 10, it's likely not to get featured - people have already moved on.
  • great photos.  We know, you hear this all the time, but it really is essential for a bloggers success.  We live in a visual world - if your pictures are small, dark, or awkward, we may take a pass, regardless of how awesome your idea is.  We do however promise not to be as picky as some submission sites ;)
  • unique ideas.  You may have made the cutest craft-du-jour, but if its showing up all over blogland, and you copied someone else's tutorial to a t, we might skip it as a feature.  Round ups, as fab as some of them may be, will probably also be skipped - bummer.
  • your best work.  We love that you have thirty great posts, but if we published them all, it would just end up looking like your personal blog. Pick the 2-3 posts that you feel best suit the criteria above, and let us pick our favorite to feature.
Now that you know what we're looking for, show us your stuff!  We can't wait to feature YOU!